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Exabeam Data Lake

Disrupting legacy SIEMs; Unlimited data collection without volume-based pricing

Limitless Scale with Flat, Predictable Pricing

Every log and every security event matters. Not retaining your log data can create security blinds spots that prevent compliance or leave your organization vulnerable to attack. Data Lake is designed to scale unlimitedly without complexity or ever-growing costs. Simply add nodes to provide additional storage and processing power. Our flat pricing model is based on the number of users in your environment, without the escalating “by-the-byte” licensing fees.

Context Aware Log Parsing and Presentation

Data lake provides contextual log parsing to help your team quickly find the information they need, without combing through a sea of raw logs. The enhanced log view highlights the security relevant information of specific log types such as user and source IPs from VPN logs to easily view security risks instead of combing through raw logs. Guided search assists analysts by auto completing their search requests.

Centralized Collector and Health Management

SIEMs must gather data from many sources and are as effective as the data they collect. Thousands of log collectors must be managed — a very time-consuming task. Data Lake enables SOCs to centrally manage log collectors by configuring, updating, starting, and stopping collectors in bulk through templates. The console makes it easy to monitor the health of your entire deployment, so analysts can spend time on identifying security threats.

Prebuilt Compliance Reports

Data Lake utilizes hundreds of prebuilt reports for common compliance regulations, including PCI-DSS, Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR, NERC CIP, and others — all which help your organization demonstrate adherence. Out of the box security content helps ensure the correct security controls are implemented and operating as expected, so that you can easily demonstrate compliance to your auditors.

Natural language-based rule builder

In next gen SIEMs, threat detection is often performed through a combination of machine learning and behavioral analysis. However, high-value correlation rules may still prove useful for certain tasks, like detecting policy non-compliance. Data Lake leverages a rule building wizard, capable of converting natural language syntax into effective correlation rules. This enables even the most junior analyst to craft complex and effective rules.

“We collect eight to 12 billion events per day. With Exabeam, almost overnight, we gained an immense operational efficiency."

Exabeam provides security intelligence and management solutions to help organizations of any size protect their most valuable information.