Updated June 2018


Typography is an important part of Exabeam’s identity, as it creates a distinctive look to all our marketing collateral. It is integral to building a unique image and strong brand recognition in the marketplace.

Primary Typefaces
DIN Next LT Pro

The Exabeam primary heading typeface is DIN Next LT Pro, a Linotype typeface used for headlines and to create a typographical hierarchy.

Example Get the SIEM You Always Wanted Get the SIEM
Source Sans Pro Regular

The Exabeam primary text typeface is Source Sans Pro, an open-source typeface and the primary typeface used for all communication material.

Example Unlimited Storage. Advanced Analytics. Automated Response. Unlimited Storage.
Secondary Typeface
Freight text pro

The Exabeam secondary typeface is Freight text pro, an open-source typeface used for quotes and blog article copy.

Example “Exabeam has made my Tier 1 team more effective.” “Exabeam has made my Tier 1 team more effective.”



Exabeam’s color palette is comprised of primary, secondary, and accent color palettes. Most elements will use the primary color palette.

RGB: 106 186 79
 Hex: #6aba4f
RGB: 73 170 77 Hex: #49aa4d

In using the secondary color palette, usage is best suited for accents or within icons & illustration.

RGB: 19 157 242
 Hex: #139df2
RGB: 03 130 207
 Hex: #0382cf

To support the primary brand these neutral colors have been chosen to add contrast and hierarchy within illustrations and text styles.

RGB: 27 26 31 Hex: #1b1a1f
RGB: 43 44 52 Hex: #2b2c34
RGB: 71 79 88 Hex: #474f58
RGB: 99 110 124
 Hex: #636e7c
RGB: 166 175 189 Hex: #a6afbd
RGB: 215 220 225
 Hex: #d7dce1
RGB: 244 246 248
 Hex: #f4f6f8

The accent color palette are complimentary colors and meant for minimal use.

RGB: 233 98 9
 Hex: #e96209
RGB: 249 181 19
 Hex: #f9b513
RGB: 74 7 142
 Hex: #4a078e
RGB: 218 19 95 Hex: #da135f

Complimentary gradients have been chosen to add contrast and visual depth.

Degree: 135deg Hex: #1b1a1f, #44414e
Degree: 129deg Hex: #139df2, #0382cf
Degree: 0deg Hex: #ffffff, #dee3e9
Degree: 152deg Hex: #98a1ab, #c3cad2

Grid Styles


Max-width: 1200px. Column-width 76px, Gutter width 24px.


Width: 320px. Column-width 40px, Gutter width 40px.


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General Icons
Social Icons



The Associated Press Stylebook


Expert but friendly, certain but not pushy, like a well-trusted friend.


Shorter is better. Write for scanners: get the gist from headline and subhead; all diagrams must have explanatory caption; every page needs table, diagram, pull quotes, etc.


Smart without being too cute. Caring about security not scaring with breaches. We are educating not selling. Second person (you). Contractions are acceptable. Stay positive. Avoid fear mongering and competitor bashing. Avoid adverbs. Use active verbs, not passive.

Writing style should emulate Fortune:

Smart, engaging headlines and simple business prose. Infographics and diagrams should emulate Popular Science in their detail and ability to explain complex topics simply.

Product Names
First Useage:

Exabeam + Product Name, e.g., Exabeam Data Lake.

Jargon and Hackneyed Words:
  • Best-of-breed
  • Built-in
  • Business (recommend organization instead)
  • Cutting-edge
  • Elegant
  • End-to-end
  • Explosive
  • Next-generation (see exception below)
  • Now more than ever…
  • Purpose-built
  • Real-time
  • Seamlessly
  • Skyrocket
  • Sophisticated
  • State of the art
  • Today, …
  • Transparent or transparently
  • Unmatched, unrivalled, unparalleled
  • Using i.e. and e.g. Instead use “and more”
  • World-class
  • Next-gen only acceptable when applied to SIEM, SOC or CISO, as in “next-gen SIEM.”